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This Guy

Transforming Buses

When this dude showed up and said he wanted to make transformer buses that can get up and walk and shit if there’s a rain storm we laughed at him. Then he had some money so we made a  mock-up of a transforming bus for him with toys and some cardboard I found outside of Rally’s. He really liked that. 

Now, we are working on an app to help you find other apps that you might like better than the one we made. It’s going to be out next year.


Hambone and Hambone

I didn’t know who Hambone was until he came up and told me he was hambone. That was the basis for a good friendship. I now also enjoy the company of his oldest son, also named hambone.

Jean Grey Consulting

That’s right. Mind zap your ass.

Peoria Hammers and Things

Nobody actually sits and talks like this. It hurts to sit on a little board. See how that one dude is smiling. Sheeyit.

Dinkle Flights

I don’t even know what this one does. I like that name so I helped them make an app about dinkles.